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Community Health Program

Ask about the Wareed Community Health Support Program, whose main objective is to support our valued customers in various health fields to enjoy health and wellness, and Wareed Laboratories remains supportive of everything that raises the quality of life.

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The program includes several advantages that we offer to you 

- An annual subscription to the fight against diabetes with a free home visit for the first time, worth 299 Riyals

- The program includes the following analyzes (HBA1C - Cholesterol - Triglyceride).

- The possibility of paying in stages if you choose Wareed Excellence Program. 

- You can gift Wareed Excellence Program to one of your friends with a 50% discount for the second package.

- The program gives you a special discount that includes family members.

- Transfer to clinics cooperating with us, if requested.

- Leave an impact in cooperation with charities. 

- Collect loyalty points and benefit from them.

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