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About Us

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Wareed Medical Laboratories, the leading laboratories in Riyadh located in Al Narjis District. It includes a group of distinguished doctors in various specialties of pathology who are members of the Board of Directors and have a major role in supervising the laboratory and the quality of its results. We are proud of our use of the highest standards of quality and efficiency in performance, as we rely in the laboratory information system on one of the best systems used in laboratory systems, which is LDM, where laboratory devices are linked to the system and then the results have their own site that enables the customer to follow his results first-hand, and they remain preserved For life to refer to it whenever he wants to compare his results later with the periodic examinations provided by Wared Laboratories.

Our Message

The mission of Wareed Medical Laboratories is the quality of life for individuals in the community by providing specialized laboratory solutions to raise the level of health and wellness for individuals and families.

Our Vision

To become a widespread medical laboratory in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by setting international standards in the accreditation of medical laboratories.

Our Goals

Providing an integrated health service, by providing all the necessary tests for diagnosis, raising the level of health awareness, and working to expand the medical network to connect patients with specialized doctors, where the health picture is completed with laboratory results.

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